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Field Trip: Networking Field Day

Very excited to announce I was invited to participate in Networking Field Day #9. The first question is: What is Networking Day? Well it is an event where we (networkers) get to participate, listen, and interact with various different vendors. And I’ll be joining a great group, a few of which I’ve met at the […]

Hello 2015!

Hard to be believe 2014 is gone and and 2015 is here! Yea I know we are already a few days into 2015 but hey for some reason I still hear people saying “Happy New Year”, much like I still Christmas decorations out. So what’s in store in for 2015!? Well we are going to […]

Packet Flow with FirePower.

As I was going through some CiscoLive365 sessions (Remember CiscoLive365 is great!) just this last weekend I came across the slides for BRKSEC-2028 – Deploying Next Generation Firewall with ASA & Firepower services. Unfortunately there is no video for this session yet but the presentation slides are there and luckily the slides are detailed enough so […]

But I’ve got an ‘Excellent Signal’!!?

Ever so often I find myself troubleshooting some type of wireless related issue, and while wireless issue’s vary from Slow performance Clients can’t connect Poor voice performance Or even random disconnects, the list is endless. However one of the common things I hear during the troubleshooting process is without a doubt along the lines of: […]

Monitoring OTV – Overlay Transport Virtualization

If there is anything I find more enjoyable then doing some type of network design or writing on whiteboard, it’s thinking about  network management and creating some new alert or poller that let’s me know when something changes that shouldn’t. It would seem over the last few years Data Center technologies have really become popular: […]

CWNP Conference Presentations

If it wasn’t Twitter I probably would not have known there was a CWNP conference going on, but luckily we have Twitter. Looks like it was a 3-day conference about all things wireless, I really will try and go next year. It also looks like they posted the presentations on their website found here, I’ve […]

Private VLANs when, where, & how.

Recently PVLANs came into a design discussion, which in turn led into me reminiscing on my Route/Switch days. So naturally when I wanted to re-visit the topic if anything to make sure I still remembered everything what was important and to see if any features have been added with the new IOS’s. It’s been a […]