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Workaround for virtualenvwrapper for windows postactivate script

Virtualenvwrapper’s windows port (virtualenvwrapper-win) helps to manage your venvs on windows platform, yet it is not so straigtforward about using hooks like postactivate. That is what official documentation has to say about this: Hooks To run some commands after mkvirtualenv you can use hooks. First you need to define VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_HOOK_DIR variable. If it is set mkvirtualenv

Getting VMRC links with Python

It became quite a pain to get Web-based console working on ESXi hosts or vCenter servers with deprecation of NPAPI plugins in modern browsers. As for me, the most comfortable method to get a remote console access is to use standalone Virtual Machine Remote Console client (VMRC) which is available for free for major OSes. The sad

DNS Terminology

The DNS is defined in literally dozens of different RFCs. The terminology used by implementers and developers of DNS protocols, and by operators of DNS systems, has sometimes changed in the decades since the DNS was first defined. This document gives current definitions for many of the terms used in the DNS in a single document. I saw this RFC

Understanding QEMU

Since QEMU is the main tool I use in our virtual lab, it is crucial to know what qemu in general is and what are all the qemu options for? And I am no expert here, actully I ran some qemu images myself without honest understanding why am I providing this particular set of options and

Adding Spirent Virtual Test Center traffic generator to Unetlab

Having a traffic generator in a lab is a huge advantage, hands down. As to this moment Unified Networking Lab supports software-based traffic generator called Ostinato. But I had an opportunity to use another traffic generator – Spirent Test Center, virtual edition. Spirent’s images are not officially integrated/supported by UNL, so you will see how to

Wireshark Mac OS X v1.99.1 Waitpid() error quick fix

I had 1.99.1 beta running in Mavericks quite well, problems arose with upgrade to 10.10. Yosemite. I saw [crayon-563410ebcce3a627922708-i/]  every time wireshark started and did not see any interfaces to start capture on. Thanks I was not alone with this one, go to the link provided to see the details, or do not give a sh*t and apply this one

How to run Juniper vMX in UNetLab

Juniper offers its brilliant MX routers for virtual environments – namely vMX. And we cant name ourselves engineers if we wouldn’t try to run one in the Unetlab. Running vMX in the unetlab is a simple task, yet I see many complaints about vMX not working. With this being said I invite you to a journey called “running vMX

How to permanently change qemu’s qcow2 image?

Of course you heard of qemu. Its a hypervisor used by UNetLab and GNS3 to integrate virtual routers like Alcatel-Lucent’s 7750 SR, Junipers vMX and Cisco’s XRv. And it is well-known that those virtual routers come in the form of qemu disk images with an odd [crayon-563410ebce426237947726-i/] extension. But how can we alter those disc images if we need,

NOSHUT got twitter!

Hey fellows! I know some of you prefer to track new posts in twitter feed. For those of you I created noshut_ru twitter account where you will find all the updates and some reposts from networking gurus. Follow!