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Internet Society Botswana Chapter Hosts Webinar on the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us. The exponential advancements are fast becoming a reality and Africa is a part of the current wave. On 13 December 2018, the Internet Society Botswana Chapter held an Internet of Things webinar at the University of Botswana Library to discuss local IoT-related implications. In attendance were approximately seventy-five individuals, including members of the public, academia, the developer community, and students.

A quick Internet search reveals that IoT can be synonymous with tracking and monitoring systems, wearables, and smart homes. These may not be relatable in the African context, but IoT prospective usage in farming, irrigation, and utilities management brings it home and introduces the possibilities of IoT being used to provide solutions that fit Africa’s needs. It therefore becomes important to implement a multistakeholder approach where governments and regulators provide high speed connectivity, infrastructure, and the right policies to foster local innovation.

The interactive session offered the participants an appreciation of the current IoT situation in Botswana. A remote presentation by Steve Olshansky, Internet technology program manager at the Internet Society explained the Internet Society’s view of IoT, the  OTA IoT Trust by Design Framework, and why we should ensure Continue reading

Botswana Chapter Digital Literacy Program Seeks to Empower Rural Village Development Committee Leaders

The newly charted ISOC Botswana Chapter is set to spread the Internet Society mandate in Botswana through engagement with relevant stakeholders. The diverse team of technical, communications, and policy practitioners will venture into impact initiatives to complement the Internet Society mission and mandate. As a Beyond the Net 2018 beneficiary, the local chapter is embarking on a project titled: “Internet for Development of Rural Botswana: Empowering Village Development Committees Through Use of the Internet.”

The Village Development Committees (VDCs) are the custodians of community development initiatives. VDCs operate on values of engagement, consultation, and participation and this project hopes to contribute in enhancing these values using the Internet. The digital literacy trainings program is designed to target VDCs leaders in 4 remote regions with the aim of empowering these village leaders with digital tools and resources. VDC Tech Champions will be identified and will be responsible for continued facilitation of the digital literacy training program.  To facilitate future support, ISOC Botswana will donate laptops and wireless Internet modems to ensure resources and access.

Beyond the trainings, this project will collect impact stories of the anticipated improvements in VDCs’ operations, relating to digital access and engagement. The hope Continue reading