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Community Spotlight series: Calico Open Source user insights from Ana Shmygla and Josef Janda, Jamf

In this installment of the Calico Community Spotlight series, I interviewed Ana Shmyglya and Josef Janda, who both work for Jamf. Last year, Josef wrote Migrating CNI plugin from kube-router to Calico on Kops managed Kubernetes cluster, and I wanted to dive deeper into his and Ana’s experience based on that blog post. We mainly talked about their respective teams, their responsibilities, and the challenges they have faced whilst using Kubernetes.

Q: What are your current roles and primary responsibilities?

Ana: I work in the Platform team. This basically means I am responsible for a team that maintains the core infrastructure, which includes the Kubernetes clusters that we run. We also own the underlying CNI of the clusters.

Josef: I work as a DevOps engineer on the team that maintains the internal development tools and other systems connected to the software delivery life cycle process.

Q: What orchestrator(s) have you been using?

Josef: We use Kubernetes. That’s basically the only orchestrator in our company.

Ana: Same for us as well, it’s Kubernetes across the company.

Q: What cloud infrastructure(s) has been part of your projects?

Ana: We use a couple of different providers, including AWS, but we only run Continue reading

Community Spotlight series: Calico Open Source user insights from cloud solutions architect, Geoff Burke

In the first installment of our Community Spotlight series, I asked Geoff Burke from Tsunati to share his experience with Kubernetes and Calico Open Source. Geoff talks about how he got started with Kubernetes, the challenges that led him to search for a Container Network Interface (CNI), and why he has chosen Calico Open Source as his preferred CNI.

If you are just getting started with Kubernetes and curious about where other people start their journey, this blog post provides valuable insight and information.

Q: Please tell us a little bit about yourself, including where you currently work and what you do there.

I’m currently a senior cloud solutions architect at Tsunati. We are a data protection company and we focus on backup and recovery, mainly trying to help service providers enhance their services. We have a lot of virtualization expertise. In fact, I am a Veeam legend and a Veeam Vanguard. I also work quite intensely with Kasten by Veeam, which is a Kubernetes-native backup and recovery migration application.

Q: There are many people who are just getting started with Kubernetes and might have a lot of questions. Could you please talk a little bit about your own journey?

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Introducing our exciting new ambassador program: Calico Big Cats

The Project Calico community is one of the most collaborative and supportive communities in the open-source space. Our community has shown great engagement through the years, which has helped us maintain and grow the project.

Thanks to our 200+ contributors from all over the world, Calico Open Source (the solution born out of the project) is powering 1.5M+ nodes daily across 166 countries. Our engineering team is committed to maintaining Calico Open Source as the leading standard for container and Kubernetes networking and security!

Given our community’s passion for Project Calico, we wanted to give its members a chance to inspire others by telling their stories. To this end, we are very excited to announce our new Calico Big Cats ambassador program!

What is Calico Big Cats?

Calico Big Cats is an ambassador program that provides a platform for our community to talk about their experiences with Calico. The goal is to help community members connect, inspire, and share common challenges and ways to overcome these challenges using Calico and other tools.

Why join Calico Big Cats?

If you have experience with Project Calico, recognize its value in the open-source networking and security domain, and are passionate about sharing Continue reading