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Porting Our Software to ARM64

Porting Our Software to ARM64

As we enable more ARM64[1] machines in our network, I want to give some technical insight into the process we went through to reach software parity in our multi-architecture environment.

To give some idea of the scale of this task, it’s necessary to describe the software stack we run on our servers. The foundation is the Linux kernel. Then, we use the Debian distribution as our base operating system. Finally, we install hundreds of packages that we build ourselves. Some packages are based on open-source software, often tailored to better meet our needs. Other packages were written from scratch within Cloudflare.

Industry support for ARM64 is very active, so a lot of open-source software has already been ported. This includes the Linux kernel. Additionally, Debian made ARM64 a first-class release architecture starting with Stretch in 2017. This meant that upon obtaining our ARM64 hardware, a few engineers were able to bring Debian up quickly and smoothly. Our attention then turned to getting all our in-house packages to build and run for ARM64.

Our stack uses a diverse range of programming languages, including C, C++, Go, Lua, Python, and Rust. Different languages have different porting requirements, with some being easier Continue reading