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Open Intelligence Gathering: Light and Dark

A few weeks ago, I asked my manager, Chris Bareford, if he would approve the purchase of a licence to use the open intelligence platform. I was both vague and detailed enough to justify the purchase, something about gathering threat intelligence as far as I can recall. My request was approved, and I am now in possession of the Shodan freelancer API entitlement. This is useful to me in automating certain intelligence and discovery tasks.

This blog, however, is NOT about the Shodan freelancer API.

Part of my job is to help enable cyber readiness for both my internal colleagues and my customers and prospective customers, and as part of this remit I publish a weekly threat landscape report, which is essentially a collection of things I have found to be interesting (and/or concerning) during the previous week from a cyber-security perspective. One element of this report covers what I would consider to be largely opportunistic attacks (or probes), and so I summarize an anonymized set of the past week’s common vulnerabilities & exposures (CVE) that VMware customers have had. When collating this type of information on a regular basis, what you notice is that, in addition Continue reading