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Developing Docker-Powered Applications on Windows with WSL 2

This is a guest post from Docker Captain Antonis Kalipetis, a Senior Software Engineer at e-food — the leading online food delivery service in Greece. He is a Python lover and developer and helps teams embrace containers and improve their development workflow. He loves automating stuff and sharing knowledge around all things containers, DevOps and developer workflows. You can follow him on Twitter @akalipetis. WSL 2 (or Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2) is Microsoft’s second take on shipping a Linux Kernel with Windows. The first version was awesome as it translated Linux system calls to the equivalent Windows NT call in real time. The second version includes a full fledged virtual machine It was only natural that Docker would embrace this change and ship a Docker Desktop for Windows version that runs on WSL 2 (WSL 1 had issues running the Docker daemon). This is still a Technical Preview, but after using it for a couple of days, I’ve completely switched my local development to take advantage of it and I’m pretty happy with it. In this blog, I’ll show you an example of how to develop Docker-powered applications using the Docker Desktop WSL 2 Tech Preview.

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