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Open Source at Docker, Part 3: The Tooling and Automation

The Docker open source project is among the most successful in recent history by every possible metric: number of contributors, GitHub stars, commit frequency, … Managing an open source project at that scale and preserving a healthy community doesn’t come without challenges.

This post is the last of a 3-part series on how we deal with those challenges on the Docker Engine project. Part 1 was all about the people behind the project, and part 2 focused on the processes. In Part 3, we will cover tooling and automation.

There are many areas for automation in a project such as Docker. We wanted to present and share some of our tooling with you: the CI, the utility bots, and the project dashboards.

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Docker’s Experimental Binary

Docker is an incredibly fast-moving project. As the project grows and acquires users, making changes becomes more complex. In particular, any patch that impacts user experience is a tough call. Each feature that Docker ships is immediately adopted by hundreds … Continued