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Libraries Are Bridging the Digital Divide

Libraries and Community Networks are teaming up and discovering new ways to connect the unconnected

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, libraries across the world shut down their buildings to limit transmission of the virus. What did not shut down were the crucial services they provided. Instead, librarians stepped up and zeroed in on their passion to serve the public, acting as first responders and amplifying their steadfast commitment to ensure people have access to public information.

A year into this pandemic, Internet access is crucial. So many people need to be online for everything from school and work to getting updates about vaccinations. But lifesaving lockdown measures are presenting challenges to the ways many of us have been able to access the Internet in public spaces.

As COVID-19 exacerbates issues associated with lack of Internet access, libraries are playing even more of a key role in getting local communities online. This has happened in multiple creative ways, from turning bookmobile vans into roaming hot spots delivering Wi-Fi throughout the community, to extending library Wi-Fi access into the parking lot and beyond.

Libraries have a long history of working closely with community networks to provide affordable Internet access Continue reading