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The Teams Dashboard: The Design Story

The Teams Dashboard: The Design Story


The Teams Dashboard: The Design Story

Cloudflare for Teams was first announced in January 2020, along with our acquisition of S2 Systems. It was an exciting day for everyone at Cloudflare, but especially my team, who was in charge of building Teams.

Here is the story of how we took Cloudflare for Teams from initial concepts, to an MVP, to now a comprehensive security platform that secures networks, users, devices, and applications.


When I joined Cloudflare in April 2019, I was excited to have an impact on helping to build a better Internet. I was fascinated by the intricacy of how the Internet works, and wanted to untangle that complexity to provide our users with the best in class experience, with a simple and concise design approach. Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to launch a product that would impact thousands during a time when people need the Internet the most.

We started conceptualizing what would eventually become Cloudflare for Teams in July 2019, with a big vision and a small team. Coming off the excitement of, the team began thinking about how to bring this functionality to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Our Continue reading