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For Those Who Think Differently

A week ago Plexxi’s founder and CTO, Dave Husak presented at the Boston area networking Meetup called BOSNOG. This week Plexxi celebrates our five-year founding anniversary. I was at the Meetup with the Plexxi team and during the Q&A segment a question was asked that provoked some reflection on my part. The question was “what has been the biggest barrier to adoption for Plexxi?” A simple question, but the answer is not so simple.

The biggest barrier to Plexxi has been the ingrained acceptance of networking complexity and singular design to all networking requirements. Over the past five years, many companies brought to market solutions that added to this complexity with little if any underlying changes to the traditional network architecture. The past five years in networking has been witness to a multitude of technical attempts to change networking through the façade of automation, but none have tried to make it simpler and better. During these five years entire product lines from our competitors have achieved full cradle to end-of-life cycle in an attempt to “…harness the intelligent network through programmability and abstraction across multiple layers, offering a choice of protocols, industry standards, and usage-based deployment models” with the goal to Continue reading