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Swarm Mode with Fleet Management and Collaboration now in public beta, powered by Docker Cloud

With the introduction of swarm mode in Docker 1.12, we showed the world how simple it can be to provision a secure and fully-distributed Docker cluster on which to deploy highly available and scalable applications. The latest Docker 1.13 builds on and improves these capabilities with new features, such as secrets management.

Continuing with the trend that simplicity is paramount to empowering individuals and teams to achieve their goals, today we are bringing swarm mode support to Docker Cloud, with a number of new cloud-enabled capabilities. All of this is in addition to the continuous integration (CI) features of Docker Cloud, including automatic builds, tests, security scans and the world’s largest hosted registry of public and private Docker image repositories.

Fleet Management using Docker ID

Keeping track of many swarms sprawling multiple regions or cloud providers can be a challenge. And securely connecting to remote swarms with TLS means teams must also spend time configuring and maintaining a Public Key Infrastructure. By registering your new or existing swarms with Docker Cloud, teams can now easily manage a large number of swarms running anywhere, and only need their Docker ID to authenticate and securely access any of them.

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Announcing Docker Cloud

Today we are proud to announce the immediate general availability of Docker Cloud. And we are excited to invite and welcome everyone of you to try it out. Docker Cloud is the name of the new cloud service by Docker … Continued