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Answering Your Questions at DockerCon LIVE 2021

 Guest post by Docker Captain Bret Fisher, a DevOps consultant and the creator of the popular Docker Mastery Udemy course. Join us for DockerCon LIVE 2021 on Thursday, May 27. DockerCon LIVE for a free, one day virtual event at

I have the pleasure of hosting many of the live events at DockerCon this year. You may remember my 7+ hour non-stop live stream from last year’s DockerCon LIVE 2020 with nearly 20 guests:

We’re back!

This year we’re calling them Live Panels. You’ll find them in their own track in the schedule.

If you’ve never visited one of my live streams before, they tend to be DevOps focused, and as practical and real-world as we can be. Come ready to ask my guests questions in chat on our selected topics, and we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can! You get to guide the conversation with the live stream chat Q&A.

I’m hosting three live panels on three topics. I wanted to discuss the top three things that I think are the hottest topics in Docker and Cloud Native container tech today for developers and DevOps professionals, so be sure to stop Continue reading

DockerCon LIVE 2020: Captains on Deck!

This is a guest post from Docker Captain Bret Fisher, a long-time DevOps sysadmin and speaker who teaches container skills with his popular Docker Mastery courses Docker Mastery, Kubernetes Mastery, Docker for Node.js, and Swarm Mastery, weekly YouTube Live shows. Bret also consults with companies adopting Docker. Join Bret and other Docker Captains at DockerCon LIVE 2020 on May 28th, where they’ll be live all day hanging out, answering questions and having fun. 

When Docker announced in December that it was continuing its DockerCon tradition, albeit virtually, I was super excited and disappointed at the same time. It may sound cliché but truly, my favorite part of attending conferences is seeing old friends and fellow Captains, meeting new people, making new friends, and seeing my students in real life. 

Can a virtual event live up to its in-person version? My friend Phil Estes was honest about his experience on Twitter and I agree… it’s not the same. Online events shouldn’t be one-way information dissemination. As attendees, we should be able to *do* something, not just watch.

Well, challenge accepted. We’ve been working hard for months to pull together a great event for you – and Continue reading

Top 4 Tactics To Keep Node.js Rockin’ in Docker

This is a guest post from Docker Captain Bret Fisher, a long time DevOps sysadmin and speaker who teaches container skills with his popular Docker Mastery courses including Docker Mastery for Node.js, weekly YouTube Live shows, and consults to companies adopting Docker. Join Bret for an online meetup on August 28th, where he’ll give demos and Q&A on Node.js and Docker topics.

Foxy, my Docker Mastery mascot is a fan of Node and Docker
We’ve all got our favorite languages and frameworks, and Node.js is tops for me. I’ve run Node.js in Docker since the early days for mission-critical apps. I’m on a mission to educate everyone on how to get the most out of this framework and its tools like npm, Yarn, and nodemon with Docker.

There’s a ton of info out there on using Node.js with Docker, but so much of it is years out of date, and I’m here to help you optimize your setups for Node.js 10+ and Docker 18.09+. If you’d rather watch my DockerCon 2019 talk that covers these topics and more, check it out on YouTube.

Let’s go through 4 steps Continue reading