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Top 5 Questions from “How to become a Docker Power User” session at DockerCon 2020

This is a guest post from Brian Christner. Brian is a Docker Captain since 2016, host of The Byte podcast, and Co-Founder & Site Reliability Engineer at 56K.Cloud. At 56K.Cloud, he helps companies to adapt technologies and concepts like Cloud, Containers, and DevOps. 56K.Cloud is a Technology company from Switzerland focusing on Automation, IoT, Containerization, and DevOps.

It was a fantastic experience hosting my first ever virtual conference session. The commute to my home office was great, and I even picked up a coffee on the way before my session started. No more waiting in lines, queueing for food, or sitting on the conference floor somewhere in a corner to check emails. 

The “DockerCon 2020 that’s a wrap” blog post highlighted my session “How to Become a Docker Power User using VS Code” session was one of the most popular sessions from DockerCon. Docker asked if I could write a recap and summarize some of the top questions that appeared in the chat. Absolutely.

Honestly, I liked the presented/audience interaction more than an in-person conference. Typically, a presenter broadcasts their content to a room full of participants, and if you are lucky and Continue reading