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Physical Security in a Virtual World – NSX Securing “Anywhere”

blog2-pic1This is the second blog post in our Micro-segmentation Defined – NSX Securing “Anywhere” blog series. This blog post walks through security requirements that exist in environments with mixed workload deployment types. A mixed workload environment is one utilizing multiple application deployment models, including applications deployed on both virtual machines and legacy physical servers. We demonstrate how the necessary security requirements for mixed workload environments can be met through using VMware NSX as a platform for micro-segmentation and advanced security services. This blog focuses on the following:

  1. Defining security requirements based on application deployment model or environment type
  2. Understanding methods of protection in modern data centers
  3. How NSX provides micro-segmentation for both physical and virtual workloads
  4. How integration with ecosystem security and network controls functions

Security Requirements Differ in Heterogeneous Environments

Due to the evolving threat landscape and growing sophistication of cyber-attacks and threat actors, a single static policy or blanket approach to securing modern data centers is no longer adequate. These types of policies are difficult to manage and take a narrow-focused approach to what needs to be a much broader solution. Today’s private cloud environments are comprised of a variety of workloads and deployment models, whether it be Continue reading