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42 – LISP Network Deployment and Troubleshooting

Good day Network experts

It has been a great pleasure and an honor working with Tarique Shakil and Vinit Jain on this book below, deep-diving on this amazing LISP protocol.

I would like also to take this opportunity to thank Max Ardica, Victor Moreno and Marc Portoles Comeras for their invaluable help. I wrote the section on LISP Mobility deployment with traditional and modern data center fabrics (VXLAN EVPN based as well as ACI Multi-Pod/Multi-Site), however this could not have been done without the amazing support of these guys.

Available from Cisco Press
or from Safari book Online

LISP Network Deployment and Troubleshooting

Implement flexible, efficient LISP-based overlays for cloud, data center, and enterprise

The LISP overlay network helps organizations provide seamless connectivity to devices and workloads wherever they move, enabling open and highly scalable networks with unprecedented flexibility and agility.

LISP Network Deployment and Troubleshooting is the definitive resource for all network engineers who want to understand, configure, and troubleshoot LISP on Cisco IOS-XE, IOS-XR and NX-OS platforms. It brings together comprehensive coverage of how LISP works, how it integrates with leading Cisco platforms, how to configure it for maximum efficiency, and how to address key issues such Continue reading