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Cloudflare deployment in Guam

Cloudflare deployment in Guam
Cloudflare deployment in Guam

Having fast Internet properties means being as few milliseconds as possible away from our customers and their users, no matter where they are on Earth. And because of the design of Cloudflare's network we don't just make Internet properties faster by being closer, we bring our Zero Trust services closer too. So whether you're connecting to a public API, a website, a SaaS application, or your company's internal applications, we're close by.

This is possible by adding new cities, partners, capacity, and cables. And we have seen over and over again how making the Internet faster in a region also can have a clear impact on traffic: if the experience is quicker, people usually do more online.

Cloudflare’s network keeps increasing, and its global footprint does so accordingly. In April 2022 we announced that the Cloudflare network now spans 275 cities and the number keeps growing.

In this blog post we highlight the deployment of our data center in Hagatna, Guam.

Why a blog about Guam?

Guam is about 2,400 km from both Tokyo in the north and Manila in the west, and about 6,100 km from Honolulu in the east. Honolulu itself is the most remote major city in Continue reading