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Business Agility and Continuity with NSX Federation and Traceflow

Resilient application architectures have evolved quite significantly over the years.  It is increasingly more common for Enterprises to deploy multiple data centers to support flexible workload placement and redundancy to achieve application and network high availability.

Here, we discuss key reasons to deploy multiple data centers and how NSX Federation and the recently introduced traceflow support simplify associated infrastructure strategy and implementation.

Workload Placement and Mobility

Applications and the associated infrastructure (compute, storage, networking, and security) are deployed in multiple locations to support workload mobility between these locations for use cases such as Data Center migration and Disaster Recovery testing.

    Figure: Multi-Cloud Mobility

Data Center Expansion

In this scenario, IT runs out of capacity at a location (rack, building, site) and wants additional capacity at a different location for hosting new applications. Capacity can be of different types such as compute (servers), and/or storage, and/or network (bandwidth).

    Figure: Multi-Cloud Growth

Disaster Avoidance / Disaster Recovery

This is a scenario where you lose one of your locations completely (rack, building, site) and you need to maintain the availability of your application services (compute, storage, network and security).

    Figure: Multi-Location DR

Simplifying Deployment and Operations with NSX Federation

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