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Docker Index Shows Continued Massive Developer Adoption and Activity to Build and Share Apps with Docker

It’s been one year since we started publishing the Docker Index (stats, trends and analysis from developers and dev teams based on anonymized data from millions of Docker users). At that time we saw how Docker was being used at an incredible scale to power application building globally. Today we are excited to share the latest edition of the Docker Index, this time with some yearly and quarterly comparisons. 

Every time we pull these user stats, we are blown away by the sheer volume and continued growth in activity happening across the Docker developer community. It’s clear to see that collaborative application development platforms are the foundation for developers who want to build, share, and run modern apps. We are also thrilled to see this type of growth more than one year after refocusing Docker on making developers’ lives easier. The Docker community has stayed with us and continues to grow at a tremendous pace, giving us very encouraging signals about the path that Docker is taking. 

To begin, there has now been a total of 318 billion all time pulls on Docker Hub, an increase of 145% year-over-year. That’s right, the total number of pulls has increased Continue reading

Closing Out 2020 with More Innovation for Developers

Recently our CEO Scott Johnston took a look back on all that Docker had achieved one year after selling the Enterprise business to Mirantis and refocusing solely on developers. We made significant investments to deliver value-enhancing features for developers, completed strategic collaborations with key ecosystem partners and doubled down on engaging its user community, resulting in a 70% year-over-year increase in Docker usage.  

Even though we are winding down the calendar year, you wouldn’t know it based on the pace at which our engineering and product teams have been cranking out new features and tools for cloud-native development. In this post, I’ll add some context around all the goodness that we’ve released recently.  

Recall that our strategy is to deliver simplicity, velocity and choice for dev teams going from code to cloud with Docker’s collaborative application development platform. Our latest releases, including Docker Desktop 3.0 and Docker Engine 20.10, accelerate the build, share, and run process for developers and teams. 

Higher Velocity Docker Desktop Releases 

With the release of Docker Desktop 3.0.0, we are totally changing the way we distribute Docker Desktop to developers. These changes allow for smaller, faster Docker Desktop Continue reading

Rate Limiting by the Numbers

As a critical part of Docker’s transition into sustainability, we’ve been gradually rolling out limits on docker pulls to the heaviest users of Docker Hub. As we near the end of the implementation of the rate limits, we thought we’d share some of the facts and figures behind our effort. Our goal is to ensure that Docker becomes sustainable for the long term, while continuing to offer developers 100% free tools to build, share, and run their applications.

We announced this plan in August with an effective date of November 1. We also shared that “roughly 30% of all downloads on Hub come from only 1% of our anonymous users,” illustrated in this chart:

This shows the dramatic impact that a very small percentage of anonymous, free users have on all of Docker Hub. That excessive usage by just 1%–2% of our users results not only in an unsustainable model for Docker but also slows performance for the other 98%–99% of the 11.3 million developers, CI services, and other platforms using Docker Hub every month. Those developers rely upon us to save and share their own container images, as well as to pull images from Docker Verified Publishers Continue reading

Docker Names Donnie Berkholz to Vice President of Products

To deepen Docker’s investment in products that make developers successful, we’re pleased to announce that Donnie Berkholz will join the Docker team as VP of Products. Donnie has an extensive background as a practitioner, leader, and advisor on developer platforms and communities. He spent more than a decade as an open-source developer and leader at Gentoo Linux, and he recently served as a product and technology VP at CWT overseeing areas including DevOps and developer services. Donnie’s also spent time at RedMonk, 451 Research, and Scale Venture Partners researching and advising on product and market strategy for DevOps and developer products.

To get to know Donnie, we asked him a few questions about his background and where he plans to focus in his new role:

What got you the most excited about joining Docker? 

I’ve been a big fan of Docker’s technology since the day it was announced. At the time, I was an industry analyst with RedMonk, and I could instantly sense the incredible impact that it would have in transforming the modern developer experience. Recent years have borne that out with the astonishing growth in popularity of containers and cloud-native development. With Docker’s renewed focus on developers, Continue reading