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Extend CI/CD with CR for Continuous App Resilience

This is a guest post written by Govind Rangasamy, CEO and Founder, Appranix.

The radical shift towards DevOps and the continuous everything movement have changed how organizations develop and deploy software. As the consolidation and standardization of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes and tools occur in the enterprise, a standardized DevOps model helps organizations deliver faster software functionality at a large scale. However, newer cyber threats, evolving regulatory requirements, and the need to protect brand reputation are putting tremendous pressure on IT leaders to effectively protect their customer and business-critical data.

Conceptually, DevOps pipeline approach makes a lot of sense, however, in practice, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Ops teams optimize systems for service reliability and robustness at the cost of delivering new features. The need for software reliability inherently decreases Continuous Delivery (CD) throughput. This conundrum is the biggest challenge for any organization adopting DevOps practices at a large scale today. By integrating and extending CI/CD with Continuous Resilience (CR) to provide protection against multitudes of software reliability disruptions, DevOps teams can confidently deploy new software and not affect resiliency of the systems. In other words, Continuous Resilience is the radical new enabler that gives confidence for Continue reading