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Tracing the History of the Internet, Layer by Layer

Grace Andrews An enthusiastic technologist with a cross-cultural focus and experience managing, facilitating and executing entrepreneurial training and processes, Grace has a keen eye for public relations, marketing, consulting and networking. Did you know that the fiber cables that helped bring you this web page may be buried inside a pipeline originally built to carry oil and gas? Or that Cold War military researchers were instrumental in birthing the concepts that gave rise to those cables in the first place? How about the fact that people once tried to build their own cellular phone networks using analog modems? Few of the people who use the internet daily, from those creating GitHub repos to those simply scrolling through Twitter, are aware of the fascinating backstory of the physical infrastructure that makes it all work. The idea behind Apple, RSS. For more creative content by and about the humans that build and scale the internet, follow Twitter, Instagram. Finally, be sure to check out the