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2018 European Chapters’ Meeting Travel Fellowship

  • This is the application for the Internet Society Travel Fellowship to the European Chapters' Meeting. The objective of the European Chapters' Meeting is to discuss Internet related topics that are relevant to the region, namely questions around the digital economy, local content, education, and how the organization's new campaign model will manifest in terms of regional activities. Fellowships will be awarded through a competitive application process.

    All applicants should be:

    • A member of the Internet Society
    • An individual who has not attended an European Chapters' Meeting in the past
    • Able to present a strong motivation for attending the European Chapters' Meeting

    The working language of the meeting is English. Individuals applying for the Fellowship should be comfortable and able to follow discussions in the English language.

    The 2018 European Chapters' Meeting will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria from 24-26 April.

Application Form
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