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Observe VM Service Meshes with Apache SkyWalking and the Envoy Access Log Service

Tetrate sponsored this post. Hongtao Gao Hongtao is a Tetrate engineer and former Huawei Cloud expert. One of PMC members of Apache SkyWalking, he participates in such popular open source projects as Apache ShardingSphere and Elastic-Job. Want to observe a service mesh that extends to virtual machines? A new analyzer in previous article, we talked about observability of service mesh in a Kubernetes environment and applied it to the bookinfo application in practice. But in that scenario, in order to map IP addresses to services, SkyWalking would need access to service metadata from a Kubernetes cluster — which is not available for services deployed in VMs. In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how SkyWalking’s new analyzer can give you better observability of a mesh that includes virtual machines. How It Works What makes VMs different from Kubernetes is that, for VM services, there are no places where we can fetch the metadata to map the IP addresses to services. The mechanics of SkyWalking Analyzer are the same Continue reading