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More data, more data

"multas per gentes et multa per aequora" 1

The life of a request to CloudFlare begins and ends at the edge. But the afterlife! Like Catullus to Bithynia, the log generated by an HTTP request or a DNS query has much, much further to go.

This post comes from CloudFlare's Data Team. It reports the state of processing these sort of edge logs, including what's worked well for us and what remains a challenge in the time since our last post from April 2015.

Numbers, sense

In an edge network, where HTTP and DNS clients connect to thousands of servers distributed across the world, the key is to distribute those servers across many carefully picked points of presence—and with over 80 PoPs, no network has better representation than CloudFlare. The reverse, however, has to happen for that network's logs. After anycast has scattered requests (and queries) to thousands of nodes at the edge, it's the Data Team's job to gather the resulting logs to a small number of central points and consolidate them for easy use by our customers.

logfwdr forwarded metrics, HTTP & DNS events per second, 2016-07-11

The charts above depict (with some artifacts due to counter resets) the total structured logs sent from the edge to one Continue reading