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Businesses Can’t Afford to Lose Trust in the Encrypted Economy, and Neither Can You

End-to-end encrypted platforms have become an important means to establish online trust for businesses and individuals globally – and law enforcement/intelligence services are struggling to keep up.

Their unfamiliarity and uncertainty is reflected in the ambiguity of political discourse on the subject. On one hand, the European Union endorses strong encryption within data protection laws such as GDPR. On the other, attempts to intercept end-to-end-encrypted communication between suspicious parties resurface over and over again.

The Council Resolution on Encryption, adopted by the Council of the European Union, is the latest example. Politicians continue to strive for both strong end-to-end encryption and getting targeted access to information when – from a security and technology standpoint – the two concepts are at odds. Symbiosis is only possible in political rhetoric.

As the co-founder of an end-to-end encrypted cloud service, I am deeply concerned at how demands for access to encrypted data will affect the security of thousands of businesses and the millions of clients who rely on them in the EU and worldwide.

The Digital Economy Is at Risk

Our digital economy depends on the widespread use of strong encryption. This includes end-to-end encryption, within organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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