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Creating Networks – Youth and Internet Governance

The “Youth Observatory” is a project created by the members of the Youth SIG of the Internet Society, which seeks to build a participative platform which uses different tools in order to bring the knowledge of the governance and the Internet’s principles to the youth, no matter the language, sex, race, religion, building new capacities among them. Participants: Juliana Novaes, Carlos Rubí, Ángel David Santiago, Eduardo Tome, Giovanna Michelato, Guilherme Alves, Isabela Inês, Jhon Caballero, Paula Côrte Real, Juan Pablo González, Augusto Luciano Mathurin, Renata Ribeiro.

The Youth Observatory is a non-profit organization, made up of members of the Internet Society’s Special Interest Group (Youth – SIG), which seeks to build a participatory space where, through different platforms, tools and communication channels, young people can exchange knowledge about Governance and Internet principles.

This organization was born in the context of the [email protected] 2015 initiative, a program led by Internet Society and the Internet Management Committee in Brazil (CGI.br) that tried to increase the participation of young people in areas of discussion on Internet Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean. At the time, the forum was attended by 120 young people from the region.

Since its creation, the Youth Observatory Continue reading

Future Thinking: Arnaud Castaignet on Estonia’s e-citizenship

In 2017, the Internet Society unveiled the 2017 Global Internet Report: Paths to Our Digital Future. The interactive report identifies the drivers affecting tomorrow’s Internet and their impact on Media & Society, Digital Divides, and Personal Rights & Freedoms. In May 2018, we interviewed Arnaud Castaignet, head of public relations for Estonia’s e-Residency programme.

Mr Arnaud Castaignet is the head of public relations for the Republic of Estonia’s e-Residency programme, a government-issued digital ID offering the freedom to join a community of digitally empowered citizens and open and run a global EU company fully online from anywhere in the world. Previously, he worked for the French President François Hollande as a digital strategist. Arnaud is also a Board Member of Open Diplomacy, a Paris-based think tank established in 2010, and a member of the Young Transatlantic Network of Future Leaders, a flagship initiative of the German Marshall Fund of the United States specifically geared toward young professionals 35 years old and younger. Estonia not only became the first country to say that Internet access was a human right, but has given their citizens free public WiFi, enabled them to vote online since 2005, and are protecting them with strong privacy, transparency Continue reading