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Open Networking Accelerated with Help from Experts

Any major technology shift in the data center, such as open networking, is about much more than just swapping out today’s hardware and software for the better, faster, more affordable next generation products.

It’s just as much about people and their processes – and the learning curve required for accelerated success as the new technology takes hold.

Open networking is at this stage now. It’s broadly seen as an inevitable tech trend as data center architectures change to a software-driven model to resolve challenges around agility, scalability and cost. The trend is reminiscent of the transformation of the server infrastructure that gave customers choice, better tools, and TCO improvements – and that allowed data center system admins to develop new technical skills along the way.

2015 is the year when open networking will expand from big cloud operators and early adopters to organizations of all sizes. The technology is proven, and now there’s support for layer 2, layer 3 and layer 3 overlay architectures.

So what does that mean to the people who keep all the world’s data centers running? It’s an opportunity to expand their technical horizons (and their contributions to the business) by learning how to leverage open Continue reading