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JNCIE Ent Workbook

  Over the past few months I have been preparing to take the JNCIE-ENT lab exam.  As part of my studies I adopted the plan of “Teaching What I Am Studying.” The culmination of all the study, over 500 pages of text,  will be for sale  via Leanpub shortly. The reason I have chosen Leanpub is […]

Meet the new ISR Series – ISR 4000 running IOS-XE

In June of 2013 Cisco released the newest member of the ISR family, the ISR4451-X router (Cisco –  blog post).  At that time it was the only model in the ISR44xx line, but today it now has some new siblings.  Today, October 2, 2014, Cisco has introduced some companious, namely the ISR 4321, 4331, 4351, and 4431.   The […]

Fryguy.Net – IMPROVED!

My hosting provider, Digital Ocean, has added IPv6 to one of their NY Data centers.  Over this weekend, and thanks to Shellshock BASH vulnerability,  I finally got around to migrating the server to a new host that is IPv6 enabled. So as of this morning, there is a now a AAAA record for! IPv6 Ping […]

Juniper Password Recovery

I recently purchased a Juniper J2320 from eBay for a fair price.  I know it is an older router, but it has the features I need in order to test and write a few things.  When I received the router it was not sent with a wiped config, so I was unable to log into […]

INE Special

Just a quick note… Recently I have had some discussions with the people over at INE and they have offered to extend a special to the visitors of this blog.  Just click on the URL and you will save $500 off an all-access pass subscription.   I have had access in the past and it is […]

Cisco Exam Policy Changes and Cost Increases

  There has been some talk on the twitter-verse and at Cisco Live around some of the changes that Cisco is making to the CCIE/DE written and lab policies.  Last month they posted those changes to their Certification Exam Policies website to let everyone know and read.  The ones that are key to CCIE/DE candidates (and […]

NANOG 61 – My first!

I have been meaning to write a post about my upcoming NANOG 61 trip, just have not had the time to. Between Cisco Live, Kindergarten graduation, pool installation planning, and life –  time was focused on other things. So, here is the post! I have been a member of the NANOG mailing list for a […]

Cisco Live 2014 – One for the books!

Cisco Live 2014, San Francisco, CA is a wrap.  In case you did not know, this was the 25th  Anniversary of Networkers / Cisco Live! I have taken some time and documented the CAE Hats over the past 25 years and you can see them here –  That post will be updated as the […]

Cisco Live US 2014 is upon us!

  Just wanted to put out a quick post and wish all the attendees, exhibitors, and staff safe travels! I know we all have a busy and exciting week ahead of us!  Make sure you stop by the Social Media lounge and say hello and meet some new friends. The social media lounge is in Moscone […]

Cisco Live 2014 – Final Countdown!

  Ok, that video probably dates me a bit, and that is OK.  This will be my 9th consecutive time attending Cisco Live (aka Networkers).  Just a few final things to share before the event kicks off. The other day I received an e-mail from Cisco Live with a special announcement.  It reads: This is a […]

Cisco Live 2014 Schedule

We are just a little over a week away from Cisco Live and I think I have my schedule finalized. In case you are interested –  here is my schedule for the event. When I am not in a class, there is a good chance you may find me in the Social Media Lounge.  Feel […]

Cisco Live San Francisco Contests!

Watching all the tweets and e-mails, Cisco Live is getting close! There are few fun updates that I wanted to share with you, and by fun I mean FUN AND GAMES! First up… Monday Night Lego Mania! On Monday night, the opening night of World of Solutions, you can collect Lego pieces from Gold Sponsors booths.  […]

CiscoLive! Mobile App

Can you believe that it is almost time for CiscoLive! 2014 –  San Francisco?  Where has the time gone! Want to just share a couple quick updates that may be of interest. First –  if you have not had a chance (and are on Twitter), please add your name over at The Networking Nerd Cisco Live […]