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Sizing up the three popular Internet TV streaming sticks

If you’re like most folks, the back of your home entertainment center is a hive of HDMI cables, USB cords and power adaptors, not to mention the HDMI switchers necessary to cope with this cornucopia of entertainment providers. Thankfully, there is a solution: The increasingly popular streaming stick.

These Internet TV streaming devices will be the savior of every gadget-obsessed, cable-cluttered geek out there. These chewing gum-sized streaming devices can pipe the whole wide, weird and wonderful Internet into your television, with a lot less of the cable mess than you’re dealing with now.

Currently available in one of three flavors—Roku's Stick ($50), Google's Chromecast ($35), and Amazon's Fire Stick ($39)— these three devices can deliver pretty much any online content you could wish for directly to your living room. Here's a look at what these sticks have to offer:

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