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Argo Tunnels: Spread the Load

Argo Tunnels: Spread the Load

We recently announced Argo Tunnel which allows you to deploy your applications anywhere, even if your webserver is sitting behind a NAT or firewall. Now, with support for load balancing, you can spread the traffic across your tunnels.

A Quick Argo Tunnel Recap

Argo Tunnel allows you to expose your web server to the internet without having to open routes in your firewall or setup dedicated routes. Your servers stay safe inside your infrastructure. All you need to do is install cloudflared (our open source agent) and point it to your server. cloudflared will establish secure connections to our global network and securely forward requests to your service. Since cloudflared initializes the connection, you don't need to open a hole in your firewall or create a complex routing policy. Think of it as a lightweight GRE tunnel from Cloudflare to your server.

Tunnels and Load Balancers

Argo Tunnels: Spread the LoadCC BY-NC-ND 2.0 image by Carey Lyons

If you are running a simple service as a proof of concept or for local development, a single Argo Tunnel can be enough. For real-world deployments though, you almost always want multiple instances of your service running on seperate machines, availability zones, or even countries. Cloudflare’s Continue reading