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How to Develop Inside a Container Using Visual Studio Code Remote Containers

This is a guest post from Jochen Zehnder. Jochen is a Docker Community Leader and working as a Site Reliability Engineer for 56K.Cloud. He started his career as a Software Developer, where he learned the ins and outs of creating software. He is not only focused on development but also on the automation to bridge the gap to the operations side. At 56K.Cloud he helps companies to adapt technologies and concepts like Cloud, Containers, and DevOps. 56K.Cloud is a Technology company from Switzerland focusing on Automation, IoT, Containerization, and DevOps.

Jochen Zehnder joined 56K.Cloud in February, after working as a software developer for several years. He always tries to make the lives easier for everybody involved in the development process. One VS Code feature that excels at this is the Visual Studio Code Remote – Containers extension. It is one of many extensions of the Visual Studio Remote Development feature.

This post is based on the work Jochen did for the 56K.Cloud internal handbook. It uses Jekyll to generate a static website out of markdown files. This is a perfect example of how to make lives easier for everybody. Nobody should know how to install, Continue reading