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Cloudflare Apps Fund 2.0

Today we are launching the second iteration of the Cloudflare App Developer Fund.

This is an investment fund started in partnership with Venrock, Pelion Venture Partners, and New Enterprise Associates. We created the fund to provide developers with resources so that they can build apps using the Cloudflare network and our serverless product, Workers, which enables developers to create applications without configuring or maintaining infrastructure. The goal is to fuel a new economy that grows into a thriving ecosystem so that developers’ serverless innovations can enjoy commercial success.  

Cloudflare Apps with Workers allows developers to package Workers, delivering new worker-powered experiences to Cloudflare customers, all within a few clicks via Cloudflare Apps.

Our CTO, John Graham-Cumming talks about it in a recently recorded video:

In short, Cloudflare is looking for apps that will advance our mission to help build a better Internet: one that is safe, fast and reliable.   We are seeking out apps that have a clear vision, delight customers by the ease of use and align with our vision. Having already seen multiple use cases around custom application security, data loss prevention, and bot mitigation, we can’t wait to see what else you come up Continue reading

Introducing Apps with Workers

Introducing Apps with Workers

Since its inception, Cloudflare Apps has made it possible for website owners to install a tool or a service directly onto a domain they have that lives on the Cloudflare network.  As an App Developer, you’ve had the ability to deliver your product by modifying traffic and content of a user’s website using a combination of Javascript, HTML, CSS injection with the ability to modify Cloudflare features such as DNS.

Today we are announcing a public beta for our Cloudflare Apps with Workers!  If you are a developer who has been using Workers or Cloudflare Apps, this is a significant step forward to bring together our server-less platform allowing you the next wave of innovation in the Cloudflare marketplace.

Wait!  Yet more Workers news?  It’s already been a furious year of releases for Workers, from our GA launch in February to numerous improvements including the beta of Cache API and a flurry of updates during Cloudflare’s Birthday week, where we made available our K/V Storage and WASM support.  With this beta, developers can now package all Workers capabilities, deliver new worker-powered experiences to Cloudflare customers all within a few clicks via Cloudflare Apps.

Now your Apps can be more powerful, Continue reading

Growing the Cloudflare Apps Ecosystem

Growing the Cloudflare Apps Ecosystem

Starting today we are announcing the availability of two key pilot programs:

Why now? Over the course of past few months we've seen accelerating interest in Workers, and we frequently field the question on what we are doing to combine our growing ecosystem around Workers, and our unique deliverability capability, Cloudflare Apps. To meet this need, we have introduced two programs, Apps with Workers and Workers Service Providers. Let’s dig into the details:

First, we are announcing the upcoming availability of Cloudflare Apps, powered by embeddable Workers. This will allow any developer to build, deploy and in the near future package Workers to distribute to third parties, all using the Cloudflare Apps platform. It will be, in effect, the world's first serverless Apps platform.

Today, it's easy develop Workers using with our UI or API. The ability to App-ify Workers opens up a whole new promise to those who prefer to deal in clicks and not code. For our Apps developers, Apps with Workers allows for more complex Apps offerings running on Cloudflare, and for our customers the next generation in Apps. So, while we are actively putting the finishing touches on Continue reading

DroneDeploy and Cloudflare Workers

DroneDeploy and Cloudflare Workers

DroneDeploy and Cloudflare WorkersImages courtesty of DroneDeploy

When we launched Workers a few months ago, much of the focus was on use cases surrounding websites running on origins that needed extra oomph. With Workers you can easily take a site, introduce a raft of personalization capabilities, A/B test changes or even aggregate a set of API responses around a range of services. In short by layering in Cloudflare Workers we can take origin websites and do transformational things.

One of the joys of a platform, is that you never know where you are going to see the next use case. Enter DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy and Cloudflare Workers
DroneDeploy is a cloud platform that makes it easy to collect and analyze drone imagery and data. Simply install DroneDeploy on your mobile device and connect to a DJI drone. DroneDeploy flies the drone, collects the imagery, then stitches the photos into maps.

The maps can show things like crop conditions & stress, construction project progress, or even thermal temperature ranges across vast solar farms or for search and rescue situations.

DroneDeploy and Cloudflare Workers
Using plant health algorithms applied to drone-generated maps, growers can pinpoint crop stress in their fields and stomp out pests, disease, or irrigation issues.

DroneDeploy and Cloudflare WorkersWith Thermal Live Map, it’s possible Continue reading