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Interning with Rocket Turtle at Cumulus Networks

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My amazing California journey as a French undergrad software engineer.

Most days, the first thing I do in the morning is wake up and check my email. That’s normal, but on March 2014, I received a special email that would change my life forever. This email was from the Cumulus Networks VP of Engineering, Shrijeet Mukherjee, offering me an internship on the Cumulus Networks engineering team. I was so thrilled that I literally jumped out of bed and started the victory dance (which by the way is much stronger than a cup of coffee).

I could have ended up interning at a less “cool” random French consulting company, but I wasn’t really passionate about this option anymore now that I had the opportunity to join the hottest startup in the networking industry in Mountain View, California.

I’m so excited to share my experience!

My time at Cumulus Networks, May through September 2014, was the final internship of my bachelor program at EPITECH in Rennes, France, where I’ve been pursuing a 5-year Bachelor/Masters degree in Software Engineering. I had several internship offers in various parts of the world (Germany, Philippines, Estonia and of course, France) but I turned down all of them to Continue reading