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Istio 1.5 Brings Advanced Automation for Secure Performance

Istio has emerged as one of the most frequently utilized service mesh technologies for securing and controlling network traffic within containers and Kubernetes. Its powerful feature set makes it instrumental in solving a number of real issues users regularly encounter when running microservices. Following the standard three-month period since the release of Istio 1.4, Istio 1.5 introduces an impressive number of improvements that increase automation and provide tooling to help further operationalize the platform. With major architectural changes and several API updates under the hood, Istio 1.5 provides new capabilities that improve the user experience and functionality of the platform. The following highlights will help organizations optimize Istio for configuration management, architecture support, and overall performance. Configuration Management Karen Bruner Karen Bruner is a Principal DevOps Engineer for StackRox, where she drives automation and advocates for operationalizing the product. Previously, Karen has held DevOps and site reliability engineering roles at Clari, Ooyala, LinkedIn, and Yahoo. She started her career working in Hollywood in the digital effects industry and has a film credit in “Babe” for Internet Bandit. She spends her spare time rendering puns in yarn, learning obscure fiber crafts, and tripping over cats. Istioctl Istio 1. Continue reading