It Should Be Easy to Upgrade Your Load Balancer —And it Can Be

Applications have never been more important in business than they are today. And where there are applications, there’s a load balancer, working behind the scenes to ensure your applications can be used comfortably and safely at all times. When operating a load balancer, the most troublesome issue is upgrade work. Let’s examine the problems of traditional load balancer upgrades and take a look at VMware’s automated, streamlined solution: NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

Why do you need to upgrade your load balancer in the first place?

The main reasons to upgrade a load balancer are to patch vulnerabilities and bugs, to enable new features, and for EoSL support. A load balancer, located between users and applications, must above all be stable; we particularly want to avoid service disruptions due to defects in the load balancer software. For this reason, load balancer upgrades are inevitable. And for IT, the trick is to make them, as transparent and painless as possible..

For illustration, let’s take a look at a recent international case involving load balancers. To address software glitches, a project was running to upgrade hundreds of load balancers. The upgrade work was carried out little by little over several months, with operations personnel setting Continue reading