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How To Prevent Dry Throat Due To Public Speaking

Whether required to speak to the public occasionally, or more or less a regular basis, most people suffer from nerves, which ends up with their saliva drying up, and many speakers stating that they experience severe dry throat that “feels like a hairball in my throat.” 

Speaking around this hairball feeling can be difficult. In other cases, colds and allergies can result in sore dry throats that makes it difficult to talk, which can affect teachers and other professionals who need to do a lot of public speaking during the course of any day. This makes it essential that people who need to speak in public find something that will help to prevent that dry throat due to public speaking.

What to Do if It Feels Like a Hairball in My Throat

Learn Some Relaxation Techniques

If you are one of those people who gets nervous speaking in public and complains that it  “feels like a hairball in my throat,” then learning some relaxation techniques that you can use just minutes before getting up in public and speaking may help calm your nerves and ease or prevent that dry feeling in your throat.

Make Sure You Are Well Hydrated

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Undercover Apps You’ve Never Heard Of (Until Now)

With so many new apps springing up constantly, some very useful apps tend not to get the attention they deserve and become undercover apps that are used by a very few who happen to discover them and their usefulness. Here are some undercover apps you’ve probably never heard of until now, but may be worth learning a little more about.

4 Weirdly Helpful Undercover Apps


Vayable is an app that allows you to enhance your travel or vacation experiences. This app is great for anyone visiting an unfamiliar area who wants to experience the area in a way only locals can. This app allows you to contact a local resident that will allow you to see sights or share experiences that are not listed in vacation brochures, such as having someone take you around to see the best street are in San Francisco and maybe even get to watch some local street artists at work.


Another great little known app for people who travel is Rover. If you have a dog and need to leave him behind when you travel for business or even vacation and don’t like the idea of placing your beloved pet into a cold Continue reading

Innovation Exercises to Increase Your Personal Creativity

To advance in most careers these days you need to be creative and able to think outside of the box, but this is easier said than done. As children, we freely use our imagination and our creativity, but as we mature we are often asked to leave our imagination behind in order to perform in the “real world.” So how do you get back that personal creativity as an adult? Here are some innovation exercises that will help you increase your personal creativity.

5 Innovation Exercises to Boost Brain Power and Creativity

Try Looking at Things from a New Perspective

Over time, it becomes ingrained in us to look at things from one given perspective; however, learning to look at things from a different perspective may help us to see things in a different light and spur creativity. For example, if you normally view that tree in your backyard from a distance, why not sit under its branches and look up. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and touch its leaves and branches, “seeing” it not through your eyes but through your sense of touch or smell. This will help you to see the tree more creatively than by simply Continue reading

How To Network To Get A Mental Health Research Job

Once you have received all of the education you need in order to get a mental health research job, the next thing you have to do is look for a job that you are most suited for. Depending on your education and your interest, a mental health research job ranges from being an actual researcher to a data analyst to a facility manager to a research moderator who monitors the way the research is being conducted. Oftentimes, it takes a great deal of networking and effort on your part to get the right mental health research job that you desire. Here are a few ways to network to help you find your dream job in this very special field.

3 Ways to Get a Mental Health Research Job

Take an Internship

Sometimes you can work as an unpaid intern in a mental health research facility while still getting your formal education. The benefit of this is the experience you’ll receive, as well as possible class credit and professional references.

In other cases, once you have your degree and take all the necessary tests, you may be able to secure a paid internship or an entry level job in mental health Continue reading

Best Trendy iPhone Rose Gold Cases

Rose gold has become a popular choice for everything from jewelry to iPhone cases. If you are looking to upgrade your current iPhone case or purchasing your first case for your iPhone 6 or 6s, then you’ll want one of these five best trendy iPhone rose gold cases.

5 Best Trendy iPhone Rose Gold Cases

Obliq Rose Gold Slim Fit Armor Case

Not only do you want your iPhone case to protect your iPhone from damage – you want it to be functional and look good while providing that protection too. The Obliq rose gold slim fit armor case is a trendy and elegant way to provide protection for your iPhone. This case is both bold and simple and snaps onto your phone easily while leaving you access to all your iPhones buttons and ports. This allows you to change your phone without removing the case, which adds to convenience to using this case.

Rose Gold Rhinestone Rangsee Case

The rose gold rhinestone Rangsee case is well loved by many users due to the fact this case really blinged out. This is an extremely eye-catching and glamorous case that features rounded edged and solidly embedded crystals. While this case isn’t Continue reading