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How eBPF Streamlines the Service Mesh

There are several service mesh products and projects today, promising simplified connectivity between application microservices, while at the same time offering additional capabilities like secured connections, observability, and traffic management. But as we’ve seen repeatedly over the last few years, the excitement about service mesh has been tempered by practical additional overhead. Let’s explore how Envoy or wrote about his experiences configuring Istio to reduce consumption from around 1GB per proxy (!) to a much more reasonable 60-70MB each. But even in our Continue reading

Liz Rice: Following the ‘Superpower’ Promise of eBPF

Liz Rice Liz Rice, chair of the CNCF’s technical oversight committee For lots of folks in software engineering, every now and again a technology comes along that really sparks the imagination. I’m sure that many readers of The New Stack will recall their first encounters with containers, very possibly through Docker, and the realization that this was a technology that could change everything. Containerization is arguably the lynchpin of the move to cloud native. But every step forward creates new challenges, and new boundaries to push. For me, eBPF is another transformational technology and one that I’m excited to get more deeply involved in, as I join the leadership team at eBPF pioneers, Brendan Greggs from Netflix coined the phrase “superpowers for Linux,” and that’s no exaggeration. In my role as chair of the Continue reading