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Defense in depth with Calico Cloud

Last month, we announced the launch of our active cloud-native application runtime security. Calico Cloud’s active runtime security helps security teams secure their containerized workloads with a holistic approach to threat detection, prevention, and mitigation.

As security teams look to secure these workloads, it’s also critical that they employ a defense-in-depth strategy. Calico Cloud’s active runtime security can detect, prevent, and mitigate threats across the entire cyber kill chain for containerized workloads.

What is the cyber kill chain?

The cyber kill chain is a framework used to track the steps a threat actor might take as they attempt to execute a cyber attack on your organization. The cyber kill chain was originally developed by Lockheed Martin to adapt the military concept that details the structure of an attack for cybersecurity threats. Today, this framework is used by security teams from a wide range of organizations to understand and respond to cybersecurity threats.

The Lockheed Martin cyber kill chain consists of seven stages:

  • Reconnaissance: An attacker assesses potential targets and tactics for an attack
  • Weaponization: An attacker prepares the attack by obtaining or setting up the appropriate infrastructure
  • Delivery: An attacker launches their attack
  • Exploitation: An attacker gains access to their Continue reading