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Moving Forward to an Internet That’s Interplanetary in Scope and Function

The IPNSIG (InterPlanetary Networking Special Interest Group) has been a Chapter of the Internet Society since February 2014. We are pleased to announce that we recently created a blog dedicated to everyone interested in IPN and DTN, and computer networking in general. It is a first step in providing nonspecialists with easy-to-understand explanations of what IPN is and how it works. Each week, we will post news about the exciting world of IPN, summaries of academic research, or links to IPN in the mainstream media. We’ll also be announcing upcoming IPNSIG events and activities.

Our mission
We aim to realize a functional and scalable system of interplanetary data communications before the year 2020. We will accomplish this objective by engaging the public’s interest in funding and executing the research and technology development necessary to make InterPlanetary Networking (IPN) a reality. We will educate them about the critical need for a reliable, scalable space data network to enable cost-effective exploration and eventual commercial use of the inner solar system. We will excite them about the potential role these same network systems technologies can play in solving communication problems here on earth.

What is IPN?
It is a solution to the constrained Continue reading