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The Next Wave of Network Orchestration: MDSO

Demand for network automation and orchestration continues to rise as organizations reap the business and technical benefits it brings to their operations, including significant improvements in productivity, cost reduction and efficiency. As a result, many organizations are now looking to the next wave of network orchestration: orchestration across technology domains, more commonly known as Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO). Early adopters have learned that effectively leveraging automation and orchestration at the domain level doesn’t necessarily translate to the MDSO layer due to the different capabilities required to effectively coordinate and communicate across different technologies. While the potential benefits of MDSO are high, there are unique challenges in multidomain deployments that organizations must tackle. The most obvious difference when orchestrating across domains versus within specific domains is the need to design around the direction your network data will travel. Within a single domain, the activities are primarily focused north to south, and vice versa. Instructions are sent to the domain controller which executes the changes to the network functions. This makes single-domain orchestration relatively straightforward. When you start orchestrating across domains, however, things get a little more complex. Now you need to account for both north/south activities and also for a large Continue reading