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First Docker GitHub Action is here!

We are happy to announce that today Docker has released its first Github Action! We’ve been working with GitHub, looking into how developers have been using GitHub Actions with Docker to set up their CI/CD workflows. The standard flows you’ll see if you look around are what you’d expect: building an image, tagging it, logging into Hub, and pushing the image. This is the workflow we’ve aimed to support with our Docker build-push action.

Simplify CI/CD workflows

At Docker traditionally much of our CI/CD workflows has been handled through Jenkins using a variety of products to set up and maintain it. For some things this is the best solution like when we are testing Docker Desktop on a whole variety of different hosts and configurations. For others it’s a bit overkill. Like many, we at Docker have been looking at how we can leverage GitHub Actions to simplify our workflows, including how we use Docker itself.

GitHub Actions already leverages Docker in a lot of its workflows. From having Docker pre-installed and configured on the cloud runners to having first class support for containerized actions allows developers to easily use the same Docker workflows they use locally to configure Continue reading