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January Virtual Meetup Recap: Improve Image Builds Using the Features in BuildKit

This is a guest post by Docker Captain Nicholas Dille, a blogger, speaker and author with 15 years of experience in virtualization and automation. He works as a DevOps Engineer at Haufe Group, a digital media company located in Freiburg, Germany. He is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.

In this virtual meetup, I share how to improve image builds using the features in BuildKit. BuildKit is an alternative builder with great features like caching, concurrency and the ability to separate your image build into multiple stages – which is useful for separating the build environment from the runtime environment. 

The default builder in Docker is the legacy builder. This is recommended for use when you need support for Windows. However, in nearly every other case, using BuildKit is recommended because of the fast build time, ability to use custom BuildKit front-ends, building stages in parallel and other features.

Catch the full replay below and view the slides to learn:

  • Build cache in BuildKit – instead of relying on a locally present image, buildkit will pull the appropriate layers of the previous image from a registry.
  • How BuildKit helps prevent disclosure of credentials by allowing files to Continue reading