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Seeking Service Mesh Sessions at VMworld 

It’s that time of the year again, when all of VMware’s customers and the vCommunity at large assemble for the annual gathering of learning and shared knowledge that we call VMworld. 

This year, like last year, VMworld will be held in a virtual format and, just like last year, it’s completely free! Last year’s VMworld was a big success, with many great sessions and a record number of attendees who joined from around the world. 

As for Tanzu Service Mesh, I have good news for all you service mesh enthusiasts — and for those who are just starting to learn about service mesh. This year will see an exponential increase in the number of sessions that cover Tanzu Service Mesh. —

Service Mesh Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss: 

  1. Solutions Keynote: DevSecOps Your Way to Any Cloud (And Delight Customers) [V13190]
    This session, led by Ajay Patel, SVP and GM of the Modern Apps and Management Business Unit, will review VMware solutions that enable a DevSecOps practice for our customers — and that includes Tanzu Service Mesh. Pratik Roychowdhury a Tanzu Service Mesh director of product management, will talk about how Tanzu Service Mesh provides a way to observe and control API calls exchanged between micro-services. Pratik will also describe our PII Data Leakage protection Continue reading

Achieving Application Resiliency via VMware Tanzu Service Mesh and AWS Route 53

Service Mesh is quickly becoming a fact of life for modern apps, and many companies are choosing this method for their distributed micro-services communications. While most examples of service mesh focus only on the east-west aspect of app services communications and security, Tanzu Service Mesh aims at including the entire application transaction which includes both east-west as well as north-south communications in the mesh.

In previous blogs and articles (here and here ), we dug into the core construct of the system, called Global Namespace (GNS). GNS is the instantiation of application connectivity patterns and services. In the case we are describing here, one of these services consists of “northbound” access to the application in a resilient configuration through integration with a Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution. In the current version of the service, we support the following integrations:

  1. VMware NSX-ALB (aka avi networks) – VMware’s own complete software load balancing solution.
  2. AWS Route 53 – AWS DNS service providing GSLB services for resiliency. This is useful for customers who do not own NSX-ALB.

In this first blog, we’ll describe how the solution works with AWS Route 53 and how to configure it. In a later post, we’ll Continue reading