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ClickHouse Capacity Estimation Framework

ClickHouse Capacity Estimation Framework

We use ClickHouse widely at Cloudflare. It helps us with our internal analytics workload, bot management, customer dashboards, and many other systems. For instance, before Bot Management can analyze and classify our traffic, we need to collect logs. The Firewall Analytics tool needs to store and query data somewhere too. The same goes for our new Cloudflare Radar project. We are using ClickHouse for this purpose. It is a big database that can store huge amounts of data and return it on demand. This is not the first time we have talked about ClickHouse, there is a dedicated blogpost on how we introduced ClickHouse for HTTP analytics.

Our biggest cluster has more than 100 nodes, another one about half that number. Besides that, we have over 20 clusters that have at least three nodes and the replication factor of three. Our current insertion rate is about 90M rows per second.

We use the standard approach in ClickHouse schema design. At the top level we have clusters, which hold shards, a group of nodes, and a node is a physical machine. You can find technical characteristics of the nodes here. Stored data is replicated between clusters. Different shards hold different parts Continue reading