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Service Meshes in the Cloud Native World

Microservices have taken center stage in the software industry. Transitioning from a monolith to a microservices-based architecture empowers companies to deploy their application more frequently, reliably, independently, and with scale without any hassle. This doesn’t mean everything is green in Microservice architecture; there are some problems that need to be addressed, just like while designing distributed systems. This is where the “Service Mesh” concept is getting pretty popular. We have been thinking about breaking big monolithic applications into smaller applications for quite some time to ease software development and deployment. This chart below, borrowed from Burr Sutter’s talk titled “Burr Sutter at Devoxx The introduction of the service mesh was mainly due to a perfect storm within the IT scene. When developers began developing distributed systems using a multi-language (polyglot) approach, they needed dynamic service discovery. Operations were required to handle the inevitable communication failures smoothly and enforce network policies. Platform teams started adopting container orchestration systems like Envoy. What Is a Service Mesh? Pavan Belagatti Pavan Belagatti is one Continue reading