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Our docs: now open for your contributions!

You may have noticed our technical documentation has a new look and feel. The reason? We recently migrated to a new platform, Hugo, a really fast static site generator. All our written content is formatted in Markdown and the source code is stored in a public GitHub repository. When we merge a release branch into the master branch, the site automatically gets rebuilt, which takes about 5 minutes from provisioning to deploying the new build, so we can quickly update the site when we come across an issue.

What does this all mean for you? We encourage you to participate if you have the opportunity and desire — and we certainly welcome your pull requests! Feel free to update anything you see that is incorrect or that could be written more clearly. If your time is limited, you can always file a bug against the docs too.

We also accept your original content! If you have an automation solution or a unique Cumulus Linux deployment you’d like to share, feel free to write about it and we’ll host it in the Network Solutions section of the Cumulus Linux user guide. You can read our contributor guide for guidelines on Continue reading