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Too Old To Rocket Load, Too Young To Die

Too Old To Rocket Load, Too Young To Die

Rocket Loader is in the news again. One of Cloudflare's earliest web performance products has been re-engineered for contemporary browsers and Web standards.

No longer a beta product, Rocket Loader controls the load and execution of your page JavaScript, ensuring useful and meaningful page content is unblocked and displayed sooner.

For a high-level discussion of Rocket Loader aims, please refer to our sister post, We have lift off - Rocket Loader GA is mobile!

Below, we offer a lower-level outline of how Rocket Loader actually achieves its goals.


Early humans looked upon Netscape 2.0, with its new ability to script HTML using LiveScript, and <BLINK>ed to ensure themselves they weren’t dreaming. They decided to use this technology, soon to be re-christened JavaScript (a story told often and elsewhere), for everything they didn’t know they needed: form input validation, image substitution, frameset manipulation, popup windows, and more. The sole requirement was a few interpreted commands enclosed in a <script> tag. The possibilities were endless.

Too Old To Rocket Load, Too Young To Die

Soon, the introduction of the src attribute allowed them to import a file full of JS into their pages. Little need to fiddle with the markup, when all the requisite JS for the page Continue reading