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Mizar: Scalable Multitenant Networking with XDP on Kubernetes

Mizar is an open source project providing cloud networking to run virtual machines, containers, and other compute workloads. We built Mizar from the ground up with large scale and high performance in mind. Built in the same way as distributed systems in the cloud, Mizar utilizes XDP (eXpress Data Path) and Kubernetes to allow for the efficient creation of multitenant overlay networks with massive amounts of endpoints. Each of these technologies brings valuable perks that enable Mizar to achieve its goals. With XDP, Mizar is able to: Skip unnecessary stages of the network stack whenever possible and transit packet processing to smart NICs. Efficiently use kernel packet processing constructs without being locked into a specific processor architecture. Produce very small packet processing programs (<4KB). With Kubernetes, Mizar is able to: Efficiently program the underlying core XDP programs. Manage the lifecycle of its abstractions via CRDs. Have a scalable and distributed management plane. Deploy its core components and modules across all specified hosts. Mizar’s Goals and Continue reading