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Announcing general availability of VMware NSX-T Data Center 2.3.0

With this release, NSX-T 2.3 continues to enable VMware’s vision of delivering consistent, pervasive connectivity and intrinsic security for applications and data across any environment. These new advancements help customers implement a more secure, end-to-end software-based network architecture – a Virtual Cloud Network – that supports their multi-cloud enterprises and advanced security in new and compelling ways.

NSX-T Data Center 2.3 extends advanced multi-cloud networking and security capabilities to AWS, in addition to Microsoft Azure and on-premises environments, and adds support for bare metal hosts as well.

Here are a few highlighted features among what’s new in this release.

Extending NSX-T Data Center support for Bare-Metal

NSX-T Data Center 2.3 introduces support for bare metal hosts, in addition to hypervisor and container environments. This includes Linux-based workloads running on bare-metal servers, as well as containers running on bare-metal servers without a hypervisor. To support this new capability, NSX-T leverages the Open vSwitch, allowing any Linux host to be an NSX-T transport node.

Bare-Metal Server Support

This release introduces support for Bare-Metal native compute workloads running RHEL 7.4, 7.5, CentOS 7.4, and Ubuntu 16.0.4 operating systems that allows users to network Bare-Metal compute Continue reading