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Internet Intelligence, Now Available In The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) team is proud of the data centers and network we are building for the next generation of cloud users and, in the spirit of transparency, we want to share with our users tools to better evaluate and measure the performance they will experience on our cloud. Today, we are pleased to announce two new network tools available in the Console to help you measure and analyze network performance.

OCI Market Performance is an interactive visualization tool that displays network performance metrics from OCI regions to cities around the globe.  Performance is measured over time to a carefully curated set of endpoint IP addresses within the top providers in each market, providing the user with aggregated performance data for markets and providers over the last day, week, month or three months. This latency data from our Phoenix, Ashburn, and Frankfurt regions can help you predict and manage network performance.  We will be adding metrics for more of our regions as they come online (including our twelve recently announced regional data centers).

OCI Market Performance can also assist in planning for growth, as you extend your footprint into new global markets.  For FastConnect customers, this tool can help to predict performance between an OCI region and a specific Continue reading